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Neighbors helping neighbors in times of crisis

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If you are experiencing an emergency, please dial 911. 

If you need to speak with a crisis counselor, please call 800 - 576 - 7764 or text 'CONNECT' to 741741

To connect with someone in our office, please call 253 - 564 - 7848 or EMAIL us.


Q: Why was the Community Trauma Response Team started?

A: This program is the result of a conversation that city leaders have had with members of the community who wanted to see trauma mitigation services delivered to citizens, by their peers, to mitigate the impact of traumatic events in a person’s life. The City of Tacoma, the Community Police Advisory Committee (CPAC) and Tacoma Pierce County Chaplaincy (TPCC) have come together to create and launch the Community Trauma Response Team (CTRT).

Q: I see that TPCC is administering the CTRT program. Do I have to be a Chaplain to be on the CTRT?

A: No. The CTRT was created to give all residents an opportunity to serve. TPCC has been delivering trauma mitigation services to residents since 1971 and has a long-standing record and tradition of serving all people, regardless of their faith or world view, which makes them an ideal partner in standing up and administering this program.


Q: What does the CTRT do?

A: The CTRT responds to traumatic life events such as suicides, homicides, motor vehicle accidents and other events where a friend, co-worker or loved one is suddenly and unexpectedly lost. CTRT volunteers are deployed to serve their peers in the community and meet urgent needs which include the need for connection, the need for information and the need for resources. The CTRT can be deployed by First Responders or by contacting TPCC directly. 


Q: How are CTRT volunteers equipped to serve?

A: CTRT volunteers will complete the CTRT Training Academy. This Academy will equip volunteers to better understand trauma, how it often impacts a person, and how they can help a person take crucial steps towards recovery, resilience and post-traumatic growth. After completion of the Academy, volunteers will then complete a 90-day mentoring program where they will have opportunities to shadow and be shadowed with an experienced trauma responder. Read more about our training below. 

Q: Who can volunteer for the CTRT?

A: The CTRT is comprised of volunteers from the community who have the desire to serve their neighbors by helping them navigate the difficult moments that follow a traumatic life event. Volunteers must pass a simple background check and drug test before completing the CTRT training and mentoring programs. Volunteers must also be able to commit 20 hours per month to be “on call” which means being scheduled and ready to respond to a location within the city of Tacoma within about 20 minutes. We have opportunities for teens and adults to participate. The minimum age to join is 14 (see CTRT for Teens below). 

Q: How do I join the CTRT?

A: To join the CTRT, just complete and submit an application. We can also mail or email an application to you. For assistance, or to obtain additional information, contact our office using the information below. We would be happy to connect with you to answer any questions you may have and to help you take the next steps towards joining the team.

OFFICE PHONE: 253-564-7848





A guide to help you understand and take the next steps after a loss.

Read More >


Our guide has phone numbers and links to great resources.



A brief guide on the impact of trauma on a person and a community.



Information on the truth, and the misconceptions, about grief.



CTRT volunteers will receive comprehensive training to prepare them to serve their community with compassion and competence.

Application Form

Training Information



Email completed applications to or call 253-564-7848 for assistance. 

June 2021 (dates TBD)

May 31, 2021



Identify your district, download a flyer, or find out more about CTRT for teens!



Tacoma residents can use this interactive map to identify the district that your address falls within.



Recruit volunteers that you believe are a good fit for the CTRT. Hand out flyers and connect us to others!



Teens (ages 14 and up) can be trained to make an impact in their schools and the community.